Our Values

Based on our understanding of capitalism and colonialism we want to organize on certain values:

  • We understand ourselves as anticolonialist. With the ship we therefore want to provide a tool that can be used by different collectives from Abya Yala1 and Europe2 to organize journeys or delegation visits. It is up to these collectives to define the thematical focus of the individual journeys. We as the organization who takes care of the ship will provide the ship and a crew.
  • Life and work on sailships is typically organized in a very hierarchical way. We are aware of the large amounts of knowledge needed to navigate a ship safely across the atlantic and realize that we need people who have the experience to crew the ship. This means that there will be a large difference in experiences both regarding nautical and other topics among the people on the boat. It is our goal to make sure that these hierarchies in knowledge don’t become hierarchies of power. In critical situations there will be the need for the most experienced persons to issue commands, but in normal operation we want decisions to be taken collectively. All people on the ship are are very invited to join in the operation of the ship and we want to make sure that people can gradually learn the knowledge and gain the expiriences needed to sail such a ship.
  • We are aware that we are raised in societies in which sexist, patriarchal, racist, ableist and transphobic ideas and behaviours are widely spread. We are therefore not free of these socialisations but we will not tolerate discriminatory behaviour on the ship and support each other in overcoming our socialisiations.
  • We reject the common notion of individual property, which is one of the foundation stones of capitalism. Therefore the ship will be in collective ownership from the first day, steared by a non-profit association which is in its statutes guided by these values and goals.

  1. Abya Yala is a term from the Guna language which is nowadays used als a non-colonial alternative to refer to the continent otherwise known as America 
  2. Which they renamed to Slumil K’ajxempk’op, rebellious land.