Direct loans

Direct loans offer individuals or groups the opportunity to support a specific project directly with their money – without going through a bank. There is a loan contract that regulates interest and term. With a direct loan for konvisionär, you support a housing project that brings movement into the Heidelberg real estate landscape through its ecological, communal, self-managed and solidary orientation!

Direct loans meet positive criteria

A direct loan for Quelili means supporting the project directly!
Instead of supporting possibly questionable financial practices with your money in bank accounts, as a direct lender you make your capital available to a meaningful project. In this way, you know exactly what you are using your money for. Direct loans for the Quelili Collective fulfil the following positive criteria:

  • Transparent: You make your money available for a specific project.
  • Sustainable: You promote the use of sailing as a climate-neutral alternative to the commercial airline industry
  • Solidarity: You promote the exchange between people who work for climate justice on different continents.
  • Individual: You use personally adapted returns and maturities.
  • Social: You support a project that helps youths and young adults to stand up for climate protection and global justice.

Conditions – this is what you get involved in

In the case of a direct loan for Quelili, a loan agreement is concluded between the lender and “Für den Kauf eines Segelschiffes GbR” (later Bildung und Solidarität e.V.). The minimum term of the credit agreement is four years, the period of notice is one year. Long terms and periods of notice give us the necessary planning security.

Depending on your possibilities, you can choose an interest rate between 0 and 1.5%. The lower the interest rate chosen, the higher the support for the project. As a rule, the interest payment is made together with the repayment of your loan. From a loan amount of 10,000 euros, an annual payment of your interest is also possible

Direct loans are subordinated loans. In the event of insolvency, direct loans are subordinated, as bank loans must be given preferential treatment according to legal requirements. In the event of an economic bottleneck, our direct loan agreement allows for the suspension of repayments on direct loans – this is how we ensure our solvency.

Security of direct loans

The direct loans and interest are refinanced through the income from the cruises. We only use the collected loans for the purchase and renovation of the ship, not for ongoing administration costs. So if we are unable to buy a ship by the end of 2024, we can repay the loans in full. Direct loans have been used for years to enable housing projects. The use for the purchase of a tall ship is, as far as we know, a novelty.

On 23 April 2015, the German Small Investor Protection Act was passed. We are obliged to inform you that the acquisition of this investment is associated with considerable risks and can lead to the complete loss of the invested assets.